Moving Checklist

5 Weeks Out

  • If you rent - notify your landlord
  • Research moving companies
  • Organize all moving related paperwork
  • Begin sorting things into categories of 
    • Keep
    • Discard
    • Donate

4 Weeks Out

  • Plan a garage/yard sale
  • If you have children notify school of impending move
  • Get new medical records from doctor's offices if switching
  • Buy moving supplies

3 Weeks Out

  • Book a moving company
  • Start packing non-essentials and labeling boxes
  • Notify utility companies of a shut off date

2 Weeks Out

  • Start eating foods that can't last a night without refrigerations, as well as foods that are already open
  • If you have pets, make arrangements for their move
  • If moving far away, have your car serviced and check about transferring auto policy
  • Notify your place of work about move and new address

1 Week Out

  • Pack, pack, pack
  • Change your address with USPS
  • Make sure valuables are easily transferred with you (like jewelry)
  • Pack a suitcase with necessities - in case moving truck doesn't make it

Night Before & Moving Day

  • Defrost fridge and freezer
  • Clear pantry of any open food containers
  • Don one final sweep of the house
  • Vacuum, dust, clean - leave place in decent condition

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