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Utility Checklist

When scheduling your move, utilities should be a priority:

  • Leave Plenty of Time - although most companies can turn on or off a service in as little as 48 hours, it is best to give yourself a buffer.  Allowing a couple weeks gives you plenty of time in case you need to make adjustments should your schedule change.
  • Get Organized - start a file and put a copy of monthly utility bills for each you'll need to change.  Create a list of contact numbers for both current and future companies.
  • Count on Some Overlap - You'll want to keep your current utilities in place for at least 2 days after you move so you'll have lights and water if you need to come back and clean, make repairs, etc.  And do the same for your new home in case your moving schedule changes.
  • Final and New Billing - Find out how they will handle the final bill.  And make sure to find out if you will need to be present for any turn-on.
  • Budget for the Switch - deposits are common with utility companies.  Make sure you plan for it.

To get a list of local utility companies, click the link below